Terms of Reference

  1. To make recommendations from time to time with respect to discipline, including bylaws, policy issues and procedural matters.
  2. To provide advice and input, in conjunction with the Education Committee, with respect to the development of education and training in disciplinary policy and procedures.
  3. To review all investigation reports and recommendations for disciplinary action before they are submitted to the National Executive, with a view to ensuring that due process and proper procedures have been followed.
  4. To make recommendations to the National Executive in this respect.
  5. To carry out other tasks referred to the Committee by the National Executive or the National President.
  6. Should the chair of the committee be absent from the executive meeting, the committee members will decide amongst themselves who will present the report to the committee.
  7. Quorum for the committee is 50 percent of established committee members.
  8. All members of the committee will be given reasonable notice in advance of any scheduled meetings of the committee.
  9. Union of National Employees members in good standing may attend meeting of the committee as an observer. All expenses incurred by observers attending the meeting are the responsibility of the individual observer or his or her local. Prior approval must be sought from the chair.
  10. For further information, refer to Policy CC6, appendix A, page 86.

Committee Members

Andrew Shaver
Yvon Beaudoin
Cindy D'Alessio
Diane Levola
Franco Picciano
Technical Advisor
Johanne MacAndrew
Administrative Assistant
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