There’s always someone in your union ready and willing to help!

If you're looking for help with a problem in the workplace, you should contact a member of your Local. They work where you work and know what makes your workplace unique. That's why they're usually best equipped to assist you. To find your Local's contact information, please click here.

For your convenience, the documents and tools section of our website has answers to many frequently asked questions.

To contact the head office, the details are as follows:

900-150 Isabella Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 1V7
800-663-6685 (toll free)
613-560-4208 (fax)

Map: Please click here  to see a map of our Ottawa headquarters.

Media Requests

For any media requests, please contact:

Aurélie McDonald
Communications and Research Officer
Mobile: 613-298-7892

Other Useful Contact Resources

Our employees
Labour Relations Officers
Regional Officers




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