Negotiations set to resume with federal government as strike votes continue

As strike votes continue for more than 120,000 federal public service workers across the country, PSAC and the federal government have agreed to resume negotiations with the assistance of a third-party mediatior to reach a fair contract for workers. The Common Issues bargaining team will continue talks April 2-6, followed by the PASVTCEB teams April 11-14. 

“For nearly two years, the government has dragged their feet and refused to sit down and meaningfully negotiate,” said PSAC National President Chris Aylward. “That’s why we declared impasse at the table and launched strike votes – to give workers the power to put pressure on this government to reach a fair contract.” 

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PSAC launched strike votes in January after the government stalled talks for more than 18 months, and refused to negotiate decent wages that keep up with the rising cost of living and address other key issues, including better work-life balance, good, secure jobs and more inclusive workplaces. 

Already, 30,000 PSAC members have registered for strike votes that are being held from February 22 to April 19.  

“We expect Treasury Board to come back to the bargaining table with a real mandate that makes sure workers don’t continue to fall behind,” said Aylward. “There’s no doubt our goal is to reach a fair contract at the bargaining table, but this government has made it clear the way we’ll reach an agreement that supports workers is with a strong strike mandate from our members.” 

EB members: PIC report advances bargaining to next step

PSAC has received the Public Interest Commission (PIC) report for the Education and Library Science (EB) group following hearings that wrapped up on December 13. Following the same pattern as the TC PIC report and the SV PIC report, the report unfortunately does not provide clear recommendations other than a return to the bargaining table.

Read the PIC report

What’s next?

Common issues affecting all tables are being considered jointly with the PA group. We expect the PA Public Interest Commission (PIC) report to be released soon.

In the meantime, strike votes continue across the country for more than 120,000 Treasury Board workers. We have seen how the government has dragged their feet at the table for more than 18 months, refusing to address any of our key issues while workers continue to fall behind the cost of living. A strong strike mandate from our membership is the best way to pressure the government to come back to the table with a real mandate to negotiate a fair collective agreement.

Your support is so important to our success as we fight for fair wages, better work-life balance, good, secure jobs and more inclusive workplaces.

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Parks Canada: Wages and working conditions remain top concerns

The Parks Canada bargaining team met with the employer on January 17-19 to discuss non-monetary items and to table monetary proposals to improve working conditions for more than 5,000 Parks Canada members across the country.  

Read the full PSAC Monetary Package 

The bargaining team reiterated key issues that matter to members – wages that keep up with soaring inflation, exploitation of workers through part-time and seasonal contracts, and an acknowledgement of the unique positions of park wardens as peace officers. 

We need wages that keep up, because members are already falling behind 

The current collective agreement that covers Parks Canada members expired in August 2021. This means that while inflation has skyrocketed, Parks Canada members have been struggling to keep up. 

If you haven’t already, use our inflation calculator to assess the value of your real wage when adjusted for changes in consumer prices to understand why we’re fighting for fair wages that keep up with rising costs.  

Highlights of the Parks monetary demands 

  • Three years of increases that reflect real inflationary pressures on members in the hardest hit regions and the uncertainty of the year ahead 
    • 2021: 5.5% 
    • 2022: 8.5% 
    • 2023: 8% 
  • Market Adjustments and Restructuring based on internal and external comparators (see Monetary Package for full details) 
  • New allowances and improvements to existing allowances 
    • A new physical fitness allowance of $600/year 
    • A new term and seasonal employee housing allowance 
    • A new proposal tying increases for existing allowances to future economic increases 

Overuse of seasonal and part-time contracts is unacceptable  

From coast to coast to coast, thousands of Parks Canada frontline workers contribute to the wellbeing of communities, natural spaces, waterways, and countless other environments that we all benefit from. Parks Canada is the only known federal law enforcement department or agency that employs peace officers on a seasonal basis.  

Your bargaining team is fighting for fair contracts for more than half of Parks Canada workers who do not have full-time positions even when they’re required year-round. These workers deserve a fair contract. 

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  • Member engagement is more important than ever. Fill out this survey and get involved at this critical time.  
  • Have questions about the bargaining process? Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and get informed.  

What’s next? 

The Parks Canada bargaining team will be meeting with the employer February 7-9 for the next bargaining session where we hope to make some progress on advancing the members’ demands. The team continues to show up for members at the table with comprehensive proposals while the employer, unfortunately, continues to drag their feet. 

For questions about the bargaining process, contact your local PSAC regional office or Union of National Employees local.

UNE Members at Treasury Board: Have questions about PSAC’s strike vote announcement?

Following PSAC’s announcement, UNE wants to ensure that our members have the following information around strike training, strike action, as well as strike pay.

What was announced?

It’s important to know that we are not yet at strike action. What was announced today is a strike vote. This means that all UNE members who are covered by the Treasury Board collective agreements, will be able to vote on taking strike action in the coming months. This vote is crucially important and demonstrates to the employer that we are ready to fight for what we deserve.

Register now to take part in the strike vote. Once you’ve attended an info session, you have the whole voting period to submit your vote!

Where can I get more information about a potential strike?

We have been receiving many questions about strike action in the past weeks, and while we love hearing from you, we recognize that everyone is looking for information and the PSAC has put together an online strike course that answers most of your questions! Register here.

PSAC also has a strike manual that you can find here.

Furthermore, the PSAC has organized town halls that you can register to attend. Find the list here.

How much is strike pay?

PSAC pays members 75$ per day for each member who takes part in strike action.

Who do I contact for more information around strike?

Seeing as the entity responsible for bargaining is the PSAC, they are best placed to be able to answer your specific questions. The best course of action if you have outstanding questions if to contact your PSAC Regional Office.

We’re in this together: Strike votes for 120,000 PSAC members

Since the beginning of the pandemic, you and other PSAC members have stepped up by helping Canadians when they needed it most — whether your work got done from home or the workplace. 

But instead of showing their appreciation for workers at the bargaining table, all we’ve seen from Treasury Board is total disrespect and disregard for the issues that matter most to PSAC members. 

That’s why we’ve made the difficult decision to hold strike votes for 120,000 hard-working federal public service workers in the Program and Administrative ServicesOperational ServicesTechnical Services, and Education and Library Science bargaining groups from February 22 to April 19, 2023. 

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We need to hold the line on fair wages that will prevent you from falling further behind as the cost of living increases. We believe in good, secure public service jobs, and an end to contracting out and privatization within the federal public service. We’re calling for solutions to harassment, discrimination and systemic racism in the workplace, so all workers feel safe on the job. And we’ll continue to fight to enshrine remote work and the right to disconnect in our collective agreements for better work-life balance. 

Good wages. Protection from discrimination. Safe workplaces. Work-life balance. Is that too much to ask? We don’t think so. 

Unfortunately, Treasury Board is hell-bent on pushing through serious concessions that impact your rights, including reducing job security and access to some leaves. And their insulting wage offer of 2.06% per year over four years is asking more than 120,000 hard-working PSAC members to take a big pay cut  

To add insult to injury, the government imposed a flawed hybrid work plan on federal public service workers just days before the holidays, even though we’re negotiating remote work at the table and we’ve continued to serve Canadians effectively regardless of where the work gets done. 

You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Treasury Board’s stalling tactics and demands for major concessions are unacceptable and are hurting our members and their families. That’s why we need your support.   

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Going on strike is never our first choice and it doesn’t mean we’ll automatically call one. But securing a strong strike mandate from our membership shows we’re willing to fight and will give us the leverage we need to reach a fair and decent contract. And if we need to take job action to get the collective agreement you deserve, then that’s exactly what we’ll do. 

Together, we have the strength in numbers to fight for a contract that makes real gains for our members. This is our opportunity to make a meaningful difference in our workplaces, and we strongly urge you to vote in favour of a strike mandate. To give you as many opportunities as possible to participate in strike votes, we’ll be holding strike information sessions both in-person and virtually. 

Your voting credentials will be sent to your personal, non-work email or by mail to your home address if we don’t have a personal email on file. You will need these credentials to register for a strike vote session. All virtual sessions are national votes, so you may register for any virtual session. If you haven’t received your voting credentials from PSAC via your personal, non-work email or mail, you may need to update your contact information before you can register to vote. 

Thank you for your continued support.  

In solidarity,  

Chris Aylward 
National President 
Public Service Alliance of Canada 

PSAC fighting government delay to pay parity for EG members in TC group

July 29, 2022

PSAC is pushing for a quick resolution as Treasury Board continues to delay implementation of a pay parity arbitration ruling that is meant to close a pay gap for many TC group members. 

PSAC won a successful arbitration ruling in January 2022, with the arbitrator ruling that the pay gap should be closed between Engineering and Scientific Support (EG) members in the Technical Services (TC) group and EGs at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The TC group covers nearly 10,700 members, with the EG classification making up more than 60 per cent of its members. 

Since then, Treasury Board has refused to make payments to any EG members in the TC group,  arguing they won’t implement the changes until PSAC and the government reach a new collective agreement. 

We believe this is a clear violation of the arbitration ruling. We are addressing this situation with the arbitrator to have it resolved favourably in the near future. Closing this pay gap is long overdue and the government should not deny workers amounts that they are rightly owed. 

These new rates will be subject to any further gains made in the current round of negotiations, which are underway now with Treasury Board. PSAC will be seeking regular annual economic increases for EGs and for all TC members, along with allowances for specific groups.  

This arbitration decision has no impact on what PSAC is seeking at the table in this round of bargaining. Check out our bargaining toolkit to learn more about this round of bargaining, the issues that matter most, and how to get involved.  

Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date to receive the latest updates for TC members. 

Source: PSAC fighting government delay to pay parity for EG members in TC group | Public Service Alliance of Canada (

EB Group: Bargaining hits wall as Treasury Board stalls

March 18, 2022

Treasury Board continues to stall on negotiations following the latest round of Education and Library Science (EB) bargaining on March 8-10, 2022.

The EB group includes over 1,090 members responsible for education, education support and library services.

Bargaining is moving at a crawl, thanks to the employer’s stalling tactics. While PSAC has tabled all of our demands along with a comprehensive wage proposal, the employer remains closed to negotiating on nearly all of our priorities. Treasury Board also continues to put forward concessions on scheduling and shifts under the guise of “improving flexibility.”

Market adjustments

In addition to PSAC’s demands on wage increases to meet rising inflation and skyrocketing costs of living, PSAC also previously tabled wage adjustments based on market comparators. The employer says their research does not support the wage adjustments that PSAC tabled in January. PSAC’s bargaining team has requested these findings in addition to a counter-wage offer. 

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Source: EB Group: Bargaining hits wall as Treasury Board stalls | Public Service Alliance of Canada (

SV bargaining: the employer’s lack of engagement is beginning to show

March 9, 2022

Tensions rose a notch at the March 2 and 3 Operational Services (SV group) bargaining session. After more than six months of bargaining and a range of demands from our team, lack of progress at the bargaining table is being met with growing impatience.

We are still waiting for a response from the Treasury Board regarding our wage package. Our wage proposals were submitted in January and a response was expected by March, but the employer is dawdling. Meanwhile, many SV members are experiencing a widening wage gap compared to their private-sector counterparts. The employer can’t keep taking the situation lightly.

Concessions on flexible work schedules

During bargaining, the employer made unfair demands regarding flexible work schedules for SV members. Variable overtime is currently time and three quarters, but the employer wishes to reverse our gains by pushing for time and a half.

This is totally unacceptable and the SV team refuses to make any concessions on this front.

Latest demands

The SV team has finalized its demands, which now include increasing access to professional development by ensuring all members can request it and receive a timely response.

Bargaining toolkit

Stay informed and engaged during this round of negotiations using our Treasury Board bargaining toolkit. Read our conversation starters to help guide your discussions with colleagues on some of our most important bargaining issues and download the bargaining graphics to show your support for the bargaining teams.

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Source: SV bargaining: the employer’s lack of engagement is beginning to show | Public Service Alliance of Canada (

General Strike at the Office of the Auditor General for the Audit Services Group

March 2, 2022

It has been 3 months since the beginning of different job actions at the Office of the Auditor General (OAG). The PSAC-UNE members of Local 70153 (Audit Services Group, ASG) are facing tumultuous contract negotiations. Earlier this week, the members of that Local went a step further and decided to go on a general strike for the first time in the history of the OAG.

The group, 75% of whom are women, plays a critical role in ensuring Canada’s federal and territorial governments are accountable to the public. These PSAC-UNE members perform a wide range of tasks within the OAG, from professional development, finance, contracting and procurement to translation and editing of the different audit reports.

Yet, it is also the lowest paid group at the OAG. The workers are asking for fair compensation, but Auditor General Karen Hogan and the Treasury Board, which oversees bargaining at the OAG, keeps rejecting their proposal.

The ongoing key bargaining issues are:

  • An economic increase of a patterned settlement with the core public administration
  • The establishment of a designed pay grid similar to what federal public servants get in other departments
  • The fact that the employer keeps on saying they have no mandate to bargain

A Public Interest Commission (PIC) report was received last year which was favourable to this workforce. A request was made to move their dispute settlement route to binding arbitration. That was denied by their employer, knowing the PIC’s report would be a catalyst for the ASG to achieve a fair and just collective agreement. Our request to meet with Karen Hogan and Mona Fortier, President of the Treasury Board Secretariat, for the benefit of our members, was also unanswered.

Pay During a Strike

You should receive your regular salary during this strike. However, if the employer stops paying you, PSAC has a strike fund, and you are entitled to $75 a day, or to a maximum of $375 per week.

We are calling on Union solidarity and asking for donations to Local 70153 by contacting the UNE Finance department and let them know how much your Local would like to donate. You can contact UNE Finance & Administration Director Georges St-Jean at

For individual donations, please contact Marie-Ève Tremblay at

Individual donations can be sent to:
Local 70153
C/o Marie-Ève Tremblay
2071 Landry Street
Clarence Creek (ON)
K0A 1N0

OAG, get a mandate, and return to the table! UNE proudly represents our 170 members at the OAG and will support them in their fight to get a fair contract.

SSO Bargaining: Standing strong for a fair deal

February 28, 2022

The Statistics Survey Operations (SSO) bargaining team made progress on several proposals during talks with the employer February 15-17.  

There are several key bargaining issues still outstanding, including job security, hours of work, overtime pay, allowances, leave, general economic increases, and market adjustments. Our team is calling on the employer to respect the important work of SSO members by providing fair wage increases and improved terms and conditions. 

As always, the team remains firmly committed to achieving wage parity for SSO workers in line with other federal employees in the core public administration.  

Our team remains hopeful that we can continue to make meaningful progress during our upcoming sessions. If we hit a stalemate with the employer at the table, our team will file for arbitration. If we are forced to move to arbitration, the union and employer will each appoint a person to represent their interests on an arbitration board, along with an independent third person to act as the chairperson. Each party will make its case to the arbitration board, who will consider the submissions and make decisions about the outstanding demands and issue a report. Those decisions are final and binding and will form part of the new collective agreement.  

Our next bargaining session is scheduled from March 1-3. 

Source: SSO Bargaining: Standing strong for a fair deal  | Public Service Alliance of Canada (