The Union of National Employees has many essential standing committees that oversee certain day-to-day operations and larger projects. These committees are composed of National Executive members and Assistant Regional Vice-Presidents. Each committee also has a staff member who acts as technical advisor.

Bylaws and Policies Committee
This committee addresses bylaws that are problematic. In addition to other important tasks, members of this committee review amendments to our bylaws and policies that our delegates passed last convention.

Collective Bargaining Committee
The Collective Bargaining Committee meets regularly to review demands submitted by members. They eliminate duplicates and ensure that those that remain are in harmony with the PSAC’s direction. Then, the negotiating teams fight hard to get the changes our members demand.

Communications and Member Engagement Committee
The Communications Committee is always looking for ways to improve how we communicate with our members - and how members can share their views with us! Members of this committee also tackle issues related to communications, such as branding and public relations.

Education Committee
The Education Committee guides the development of training sessions that our Local leaders depend on to better help our members.

Finance & Human Resources Committee
This Committee reviews monthly financial statements and provides costing on all items referred to it by the National Executive or the National President. The committee also performs a large number of tasks that are too long to list here (but they do appear in their terms of reference).

Francophone Committee
The Francophone Committee helps us respect the equality status of both official languages. Their purpose is to increase awareness, among our members, of the issues that affect Francophone members in our union.

Honours & Awards
This committee is responsible for dealing with all Union of National Employees bursaries, awards and honours.

Local Governance & Membership Committee
As an organization that relies heavily on the help of volunteers, our local activists are our foundation. They provide invaluable help at the grassroots. That’s why it’s important that our locals are well founded – and why members of this committee examine local structures, bylaws and membership lists to make sure they’re in order.

National Executive Disciplinary Committee
Members of this committee review recommendations for disciplinary action before they are submitted to the National Executive. In most instances, these cases involve individuals charged with scabbing.

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