Convention Resolutions

There's a lot of crucial information in our resolutions callout letter. Make sure to understand all the steps before proceeding. You may also wish to consult our tips on writing resolutions using clear language.

Step one: Submitting your resolution online
You should submit your resolutions electronically on our website. To access the online submission form, please log in using the fields below. Completing this process significantly reduces the time required to prepare resolutions for our committees’ review. If you do not have internet access, you can submit your resolutions by mail or fax.

Step two: Submitting supporting documentation
The resolutions you submit online must also be supported by hardcopy versions, which bear the signatures verifying that the resolution was adopted during a general membership meeting. Click here to download the print version of our resolution template. Please send these copies to the attention of Ateau Zola, by fax at 613-560-4208, by email at, or by mail.

The first thing you'll need to submit a resolution online is your PSAC ID number. This number can be found on your PSAC union member card. If you don't know your PSAC ID number, please contact Suzanne Boucher at 613-560-4359.


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