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Join the World Social Forum in August

Another world is needed: Together it is possible! The World Social Forum (WSF) is a gathering of civil society, including workers and trade unions to find collective solutions to common problems.  The first WSF took place in 2001 in Puerto Alegre, Brazil.  This year, the WSF will take place in …


Quebec Regional Seminar

Your regional seminar is fast approaching and it’s the best place to learn about our union and the many things we do. This event is jam-packed with lectures and workshops to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you’ll need to help our members. It’s also a great place to …


Parks bargaining team raises pay issues, rejects short term disability proposal

Our Parks negotiating team met with the employer’s team on June 28 and 29, 2016. We opened our discussions by expressing our dismay and anger toward the agency regarding the ongoing pay issues. We concluded our discussion by advising the agency that pay day should be not be a stressful event. Meanwhile, …


Details Now Available for SSO Pay Equity Settlement

Earlier this year, we published an announcement that PSAC and SSO reached a pay equity settlement. Details of the settlement, which will affect approximately 20,000 to 25,000 current and former employees, are now available on the employer’s website. The payments are set to commence in early 2017. Here is a …


Unions file court application to force federal government to pay workers impacted by Phoenix pay system

PSAC, along with other federal government unions representing thousands of federal government employees filed a Notice of Application with the Federal Court today. The unions are seeking a court order directing the Respondent to implement a pay administration system that meets its obligations under theFAA and the Directive on Terms and …


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