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SSO Bargaining Update

Our bargaining team met with SSO during the week of May 1. The team started the week in caucus, where we had planned to review SSO’s proposals, but unfortunately the documents provided by our employer contained many errors and lacked clarity. This made it impossible for us to do our …


Phoenix: Information about claiming for reimbursement of tax services costs

After pressure from PSAC, the government agreed to compensate federal public service employees, with tax problems caused by the Phoenix pay system, for up to $200 per year of tax advisory services. The claim and release form is strictly restricted to tax advisory services for the tax years 2016 and …


May is Asian Heritage Month

By Shirley Torres Xie Xie ( see see) – Mandarin,  Gamsahabnida ( gam-samnda) – Korean , Domo  arigatou ( doh-mo-ah-ree-gah-toh – Japanese, Camanba (gahm-un-ban)- Vietnamese, Dhanyabad ( dhan-naii-bat) Nepali, these are only a few of the numerous ways of saying Thank you in Asia. In  Filipino, we say Salamat. In …


UNE Honourary Membership Award

Greetings, At the Union of National Employees much of what we do would not be possible without the tireless work of our many volunteers. That is why I am proud to take this opportunity to extend a sincere thanks to those members who have made a significant contribution through union …


Ratified Treasury Board agreements: What happens now?

Following the recent ratification of new agreements by the PA, SV, TC and EB Treasury Board groups, the following steps will be taken: Signing of new collective agreements Retro pay and implementation of wage and special monetary increases Implementation of collective agreement provisions Signing of new collective agreements In the …


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