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Parks Canada National Classification Review

January 2017 Update

Click here for the latest update.

April 2015 Update

Parks Canada Update: the Expedited Mediation/Adjudication Process:

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Brunet at 613-560-2680.


July 2014 Update

As of July 15, we have closed a grand total of 1565 files: 





Not pursued       


Partially allowed








That’s 246 additional files closed since our last update.

March 2014 Update

Since September 30th, we dealt with 285 grievances:


We were able to close 14 job description grievances.     

The Classification of the position was challenged by PSAC and will be going to a Classification hearing.




We were able to close 63 grievances
We have a triage date for a modification to the GL-MAN-05 generic and a member hearing




39 grievances were closed
Evaluations are still in progress




15 grievances closed

September 2013 Update

The following message was sent to all employees, past and present, of the Parks Canada Agency who have outstanding national review grievances, as well as to all the Parks Canada Locals, all nationally and regionally elected officers and all UNE staff.

As a follow-up to the attached communiqué, the UNE will begin contacting grievors in mid-October. Individual letters with questionnaires will be sent to grievors' home address in the sub-group with whom UNE is currently working, namely Maintenance and Operations. Thereafter, similar letters will be sent to grievors in other groups and sub-groups as the UNE undertakes that body of work. For ease of reference, a list of scheduled groups or sub-groups has been provided

Each of these letters will also feature a declaration that must be completed and returned to UNE.  More information on this declaration will be enclosed in those letters. 

You may direct any questions or concerns to Frank Grimes at Frank.Grimes@une-sen.org.

February Update

A teleconference call was held on February 14 for members who filed grievances under National Classification Review and belong to certain Maintenance and Operations sub-groups – specifically, GL-MAN, GL-MDO, GL-BUS and GL-DED).

If you did not receive the notice or were unable to participate, please contact Michelle Brunet by email at michelle.brunet@une-sen.org or by phone at 1-800-663-6685. 

December Update

In early November, we reached an agreement on a new Master Generic for the Administrative Assistant group (CR-04). A few more files are on hold pending further information. We were also nearing completion on the Administrative Service Officers group (AS). 

We have also completed the Finance and Administration group, of which one grievor is scheduled for triage in January.     

In early January, we will start the first teleconferences with the Maintenance and Operation group (GL-MAN). 

Here are the updated numbers for the Parks National Review Project:

Allowed 276
Denied 106
Partially Allowed 45
Settled/Withdrawn 320
Withdrawn 572
TOTAL 1319

That's 131 additional files closed since our last update.

In Solidarity,

Michelle Brunet

October Update

October 30, 2012

We really appreciate our members’ patience. Rest assured that we are working diligently at resolving everyone’s national classification review grievances.

Here is an update on the callout schedule by groups:

Corporate Services Job Family #3
General Admin (3B)
– CR – in progress
General Admin (3B) – AS – in progress
Finance and Administration (3A) – CR, AS and FI – in progress

The next groups on the schedule are:

Assets, Canals and Townsites Job Family #1

Maintenance & Operations (1D) – GL-Man, GLMDO, GS-BUS, SC-DED and GL-MOC
Skilled Trades (1C) – Electricians GL-EIM, Painters GL-PCF, Historical Restoration Craftsman GLPRW, Carpenters GL-WOW and Welders GL-MAN

May Update

Mai 2012

In April, we were able to get one more settled through mediation and arbitration. We are still chipping away at the General Admin (AS) group and are getting ready for the Finance & Admin group. 

In solidarity,

Michelle Brunet

Update on Parks Project and Blogging Announcement

March 2012

First things first: Very shortly, we'll launch a whole new website that will make it easier for us to connect directly with our members. The Union of National Employees' own Michelle Brunet will blog an monthly update on the Parks Canada National Classification Review - stay tuned!

We just recently finished a report on the national review project. You can read the whole report by clicking here.

As of February 8, 2011, we have closed 1095 files. The following is a breakdown of those files:

Grievances Allowed            274
Grievances Denied  60
Partially Allowed 35
Settled 245
Withdrawn 481

We are presently completing the general administration group, which includes CRs and ASs. Next, we will address those in the finance and administration group's grievances.

Latest details on Parks Canada National Review

May 10, 2011

The following document is meant to demystify the case management and expedited adjudication processes co-developed by the Union (National Component, UCTE and PSAC) and the Employer by providing answers to the following three questions:

To further enhance your understanding of the expedited grievance process, the National Component has included a flowchart at the end of the document. Should you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Michelle Brunet:

Phone: 613-560-2680
Toll-free: 1-800-663-6685

PDF Case Management and Expedited Adjudication Processes

Update on Processing of National Review Grievances

May 26, 2010

The National Component, the PSAC and the Parks Canada Agency have been working on a process to expedite and resolve grievances filed as a result of the National Review Project. We believe we are very close to signing an agreement, but it has not yet been signed. Importantly, all parties have agreed to commit the resources required to implement the agreement. Nevertheless, there are some important details to be resolved.

The new procedure creates very tight timelines that must be respected by each side and streamlines the grievance process, in most cases right through to a final classification decision. It will affect virtually every outstanding grievance under the National Review Project.  The ultimate goal is to facilitate faster processing of grievances and more timely final decisions.  As you can appreciate, this groundbreaking process will take a little time to fully implement.  However, we believe this process will serve our members interests; this has gone on far too long.  We appreciate your continued patience and cooperation as we move forward.

All sides are committed to providing complete information for grievors once we sign the agreement and begin to implement it. Rest assured that you will receive full details once we are in a position to share them.
Thank you.

Should you require additional information, please contact:

Michelle Brunet

National Component/Élément National
Administrative Assistant, Parks Project
Phone: 613-560-2680
Toll-free: 1-800-663-6685


The Parks Canada National Review, started in 1999, when Parks Canada was given Agency status.  As an Agency the Employer developed a new Classification Standard for compensation management.

The Parks Canada Agency and the National Component, PSAC, have been dealing with the 'roll-out' of generic Job Descriptions, at Parks Canada, for the last number of years.  This has led to approximately 2,750 grievances relating to  job content, job classification and acting pay.

In the Fall of 2006, the Parks Canada Agency assigned a Senior Labour Relations Official to focus exclusively on these generic Job Descriptions.  The National Component, PSAC, decided to match this commitment level by assigning a dedicated resource to deal exclusively with these grievances until such time as all outstanding matters were concluded.

In May 2007, the National Executive approved the creation of a Project Team consisting of two Term Labour Relations Officers and an Administrative Assistant to focus exclusively on this project and expedite the process.

Useful Parks Info

Memorandum of Agreement between Parks Canada, UNE and UCTE


If you have retired from Parks Canada, and a job description (generic) or your classification level was issued after you retired, you retain the right to file a grievance as set out in the Memorandum of Agreement. You may use the same grievance wording as provided for other employees.

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